Nano and Cinch Post

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Available in three wrist strap designs, the Hot Shot Nano Post and Cinch Post is unmatched by any other index finger release aid on the market. State-of- the-art engineering and machining processes with Aerospace pedigrees have been employed to make the Nano Post and Cinch Post the smoothest, easiest to use, and the most reliable index finger release aid available on the market today.

  • Micro adjustable post will NEVER slip.
  • Post folds back and side to side and tucks out of the way when not in use.
  • 360° Post rotation will not affect length.
  • Extremely comfortable all leather wrist strap.
  • Fully adjustable trigger tension.
  • Match grade trigger crispness for improved accuracy.
  • Cat’s Eye hook design ensures a torque free release from the D-loop.


Leaving little to chance is what differentiates a good hunter from a great hunter, and great hunters understand every piece of equipment should perform flawlessly under any condition. That's why serious bowhunters choose Hot Shot's Nano and Cinch POST release.

Nano and Cinch Post
Nano and Cinch Post
Nano and Cinch Post