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When drawing down on a mature buck, your shooting hand better be wrapped around a release you believe in. Accurate arrow flight depends on a smooth and crisp release. Designed with the hunter in mind, the new Haze from Hot Shot Archery will never let you down. 

The Haze is a perfect solution for the archer who would like to try a hand-held release but is hesitant because they have used a wrist strap release all their life. Truly, the best of both worlds, the Haze is a hand-held release that comes with the familiarity and confidence of a wrist strap.  

With an ergonomically advanced handle available in three and four finger models, the Haze is comfortable and perfectly balanced for accuracy, even when cycling higher poundage hunting bows. The ultra-crisp trigger with adjustable tension allows you to set your sweet spot for ultimate precision shooting.  It has a 360-degree adjustable thumb barrel with variable projection, angle and length to ensure the Haze precisely fits any hand for maximum comfort and control. The Haze is a target grade release with the hunter in mind.

In addition to the smooth and balanced handle, the comfortable leather wrist strap provides additional support during the draw cycle and the convenience that shooters love.

Silence is deadly, and the Haze is a killer. It has a unique “zero noise” internal actuating system, powered by a lever linkage that won’t make a sound, never blowing your moment of truth. With an automatically closing jaw, the Haze is always ready to shoot.

The stylish, value-priced Haze is designed to hunt.  Like all Hot Shot products, the Haze is 100% made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.

  • 3 or 4 finger handle
  • Fully Adjustable trigger Tension
  • Zero noise actuating system
  • Automatic closing jaw
  • No trigger set requirement
  • Fully adjustable thumb barrel
  • Comfortable leather wrist strap
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% made in the USA