HotShot Nano Archery Release is the Pro Shooter's Reliable Choice

Nano Archery Release sets the standard for reliablity and accuracy

Our Pro Staff shooters report, "You've really nailed it w/ the Nano!" The Nano is made for hunting, providing the security & drawing power of a wrist strap w/ a high precision release immediately at your finger tip. ONCE IT'S ON YOUR WRIST, YOU CAN'T LOSE IT! The release is attached to the wrist strap by a high-strength tether ribbon rather than a "stalk" so there is no way the bowstring can be torqued & throw the arrow off. The tether is infinitely adjustable in length to fit you exactly & the new 4-eye solid metal attachment plate will not slip. The flexible leather wrist strap end closes into a buckle--like a belt buckle. This ensures you get the same strap diameter every time. The leather strap is lined w/ soft comfortable material. -